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Airbrush Tattoo Ink

Olive Branch Skin Care has developed two different types of temporary tattoo ink branded as Quick Dry Ink and Long Lasting Ink. Both of these are excellent products with a large and very loyal user base. So which one is better? Here are the details of both products. Select the ink that meets your business needs.

Quick Dry Tattoo Ink is our most popular airbrush tattoo ink product. This ink goes on smooth and as the name implies, dries fast. It's the ideal ink to use when you run a busy airbrush tattoo operation and don't have a lot of time between customers. Quick Dry ink is waterproof and extremely durable and is as durable as any airbrush tattoo ink on the market. A properly applied Quick Dry tattoo will last up to a week to ten days.

Long Lasting Ink is the longest lasting airbrush tattoo ink on the planet. When properly applied and cared for, this ink will create tattoos that can last up to two weeks or more. This is the perfect ink to use when you have the time to apply it properly. Long Lasting ink is applied in layers with a dusting of setting powder between each layer. This allows the ink to set before applying the next layer subsequently allowing the finished design to wear off in layers giving your design.

Quick Dry and Long Lasting airbrush tattoo ink are priced the same for all blends including the standard color set, flourescent colors and pearl/metallic colors. Plus the prices are much less than any competitive ink on the market.

Quick Dry Airbrush Tattoo Instructional Video