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Over the years body painting has become a very diverse field of discussion. Most people think of body painting as an art form of using paint to cover the majority of the subjects body. This art form is most recognized when an artist paints clothes on a subject in such detail that it is difficult to recognize the paint from the clothing. This type of work requires special skills and very special models.

Airbrush tattoos as well as real tattoos are also considered forms of body painting. As a general rule, when painting large areas of the body, airbrush tattoo ink should not be used due to the fact that this type of ink restricts the air to the skin. Actual body paint will allow the skin to breathe permitting more areas of the model to be painted.

Olive Branch Skin Care manufactures a hybrid body paint branded as Professional Body Paint. Historically body paints are manufactured with water and therefore do not offer much durability. Airbrush tattoo ink is manufacture with alcohol and is waterproof creating a long lasting design on the body. Professional Body Paint is actually a hybrid between these two products. This paint is manufactured with pure alcohol but can still be removed much easier than ink. This is the perfect body paint for any event that requires extended durability, water resistance and can be removed in the shower with soap, warm water, a little rubbing alcohol and a bit of scrubbing with a good loofah.

Professional Body Paint is an excellent choice for use by the freehand airbrush artist as well as those who prefer to use stencils to create their designs. It is also an excellent choice for children at events that do not require or parents that do not want the designs to last for days.

Airbrush Hybrid Body Paint